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Bait your hook


Creative concepts + IP Design
Campaign mapping
Unlimited visual style options


Brand visibility is everything. Solid Goldfish devise original concepts and premium content designed to net superior engagement and provide more bites.


Television & Cinema Commercials, Radio spots
Web & social media video production
Stills photography & Graphic design
2D/3D animation, Motion graphics
Copywriting & website design


Solid Goldfish breathes life into every concept with a comprehensive production arsenal & full suite of post-production services.


Case studies, interviews, corporate + event videos
Media releases + consultancy, Video Press Kits
Brand marketing campaigns


How do you need to reach your audience? Solid Goldfish executes tailored campaigns and comprehensive brand strategies to achieve the outcomes you set out for.

Meet the Fish

hear our tail

Find a better way to reel in an audience.

Solid Goldfish offer good ideas and deliver them in various formats. We help brands make a splash with end-to-end creative services, full scale video production, animation & media packaging. We take the time to get to know clients and generate ideas that highlight the many inspiring facets of their endeavours. You’ll see Goldfish projects pop up across multiple platforms, servicing clients Australia-wide. Our specialty is brand awareness; delivering social media & website video content, branded campaigns, TV & radio spots and media consultancy. Services include video, post-production, events, graphic design, animation, voice over, photography, copywriting, media packaging, consultancy and web-design.

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